Archaeological Park of Sant Llorenç de Montgai

The Archaeological Park of Sant Llorenç de Montgai is an educational and leisure facility designed to show what prehistoric life may have been like and introduce the methods of research used by archaeology. Its ultimate aim is to promote awareness of prehistoric heritage in the context of the surrounding landscape. 

The park consists of replicas of a Palaeolithic open-air camp and a Neolithic settlement, as well as areas that simulate different aspects of an archaeological dig. These elements provide an insight into prehistoric technologies and activities and an understanding of current research techniques used to learn about the past from objects.

The Archaeological Park, opened in 2004, is an open-air facility designed by CEPAP-UAB to make the research done in the field of prehistoric archaeology more accessible to the non-specialized public. The Archaeological Park is managed by the Associació Recerca i Difusió del Patrimoni Històric (ARDPH), a non-profit organization located in Sant Llorenç de Montgai devoted to the promotion and research of cultural heritage. 

Thanks to these facilities, from 2006-2007 onwards the Camp d’Aprenentatge de la Noguera, an educational service provided by the Catalan government’s Education Department, has been offering students of all ages the opportunity to take part in activities designed to help understand the territory from an archaeological and historical perspective.

Since 2003, the Archaeological Park of Sant Llorenç is member of the netowork of open-air archaeological museums EXARC.

Virtual visit to the Archaeological Park:

Visitor Centre - Espai Origens

C-13 Km.44, 25613 Camarasa (Lleida)


Tel: + 34 973 42 04 27

Visits must always be booked by phone or email. It is recommended to book the activity /visit with at least two days in advance.