Schools Adopt a Monument

The Monuments Adoption Education Project (PEAM) aims to boost awareness of the historical and archaeological local heritage by means of a specific work in schools on a nearby "monument".

In 1994, a cultural program of the European Union launched the project school adopts a monument under which girls and boys of all ages worked on a local monument. The Laboratory of Archaeology and Education of CEPAP, in collaboration with local and regional entities, initiated in 2004-05 a similar program in Catalonia adapted to its cultural and educational characteristics. Since 2006/2007, the project in coordinated together with the Camp d’Aprenentage de la Noguera, an educational service of the Catalan government, which is charge of the pedagogical guidelines.

The publication series Arkeodidaktika includes many of the educational materials that have resulted from the project.

Associated projects:

  • Consell Social de la UAB 2012 Premi Sinergia Educativa
  • AGAUR 2007ARIE00023-2008ARIE00022 (2007-2010) El treball per proyectes en la consolidación de les competències bàsiques: experiències des de l’educació patrimonial
  • AGAUR 2004ARIE00060-2005ARIE100048 (2004-2006) L'escola adopta un monument